at this special moment, wanna thank you all for always standing beside me.

 my bb, mm, and ll, and all of my friends.

really really hope that the happy time will last longer and longer… hope that smiles will remain on your faces… hope that your hearts will be full of happiness all the time… hope that there will be a rainbow after your tears…



ps. done so well in the oral english exam! haha~~ the cleverness of me! 

2 thoughts on “thanks.

  1. 虫..


  2. ViCky

    my dear Laopo,虽然在我这边还只是星期六,但是在中国已经是星期日啦..呵呵…happy birthday day ar~!my honey~!祝你快高长大啊~!哎,转眼间,我亲爱的Laopo又老了一岁了…不过在你Laogong我心里,Laopo你永远都是最靓的~!亲亲…锡晒你喔~!


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