Ray’s gone.

 Mr.Ray had the last class with us yesterday. he said that he was going back to canada to have a long holiday with his family. admiring~~

we have had a wonderful time together, he is such a good teacher and all of us feel sorry that he’s leaving.

i still keep the coin he gave me for my perfect performance in his class.  and we gave him a special present, too.

miss him and best wishes for him.



puzzled… to be "should", or to be "would", that’s a question.


3 thoughts on “Ray’s gone.

  1. ViCky

    yea…it’s really sad dut ur teacher is leaving, but he is gonna go back China after the vacation, rite? so u can see him again lah~!btw, just know dut he is Canadian, where does he live in Canada? wondering…P.s.. How old is he? is he hot???….lol

  2. ViCky

    oh yeah, forgot to tell you, i have putted my high skool pic in my space already, so u can go there and have a look…however, im gonna delete them in a week…coz they r so ugly…so if u wanna see them, dun run over time lor~~ lolz

  3. Vivace

    Mr.Ray has gone back to Canada,and we will miss him forever.His is the best foreign teacher I have ever met.I will often keep in touch with him.[Ray,Ray,you are great,I love the smile on your face!]PS:It is said that Mr. Ray used to be the manager of a Canadian airport.


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